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Nothing But The Best

That’s why we offer a Lifetime Warranty on all of our products. We design and test our gear in house, find the best raw materials ourselves, and ensure the people who construct the best gear in the world are well paid for it. We stand behind our products and our people.

Fair Price Guarantee

Traditional Retailers have three layers of cost when they sell you a product. Live Out There does not sell through Traditional Retailers, so we can pass the savings onto you, our customers.

A higher quality product at a price you can’t find at the local mall. That’s our Fair Price Guarantee.

Live Out There Prices vs Traditional Retail

$200.00 VS $300.00

Live Out There
Traditional Retailer
  • Cost to Make
  • Margin
  • Retail Markup

Co-founder and CEO

Jamie Clarke

With a commitment to quality, and an eagerness to put gear to use, Jamie’s lifelong goal has been to help others find their Everest. Driven by his passion for high quality product, Jamie is determined to create Live Out There gear that is capable of use on his next 8,000 metre expedition.

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